Dallas Stomps Belgrade in Intercollegiate Match
November 3, 2008
The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) defeated University of Belgrade by a wide margin in an intercollegiate match on October 31. Chess program director James Stallings said "When all the mouse clicks had stopped, Ramirez held the Transatlantic Cup high in the air as the UT Dallas chess team was proclaimed the winner by the almost unbelievable score of 12.5 - 3.5!" Read more details in an on the UTD website. Stallings told CLO the team was honored by a special guest on the Belgrade side. “Who played 1. d4 for Belgrade on Board 1?   It was none other than living legend GM Svetzovar Gligoric!”

Although the players' Halloween costumes all seemed to be "strong chessplayer", UTD cheerleaders added a unique spirit to the event.

UTD cheerleaders with coach IM Rade Milovanovic

The extra support couldn't have hurt. Here is a puzzle and the wins from boards one and two of the UTD landslide.

How did IM Salvijus Bercys, playing White wrap up in the position below, from his game on board eight against WIM Marija Rakic?

Position after 29...Rxe8, White to Move and Win

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The rest of the games are on the Internet Chess Club. Access them by typing "liblist UTDUB." Read the CLO Preview for fun photos from last year and find out more about the universities and the 16-board lineups by downloading the official match program. (pdf)