Americans in Greece
October 22, 2008
Anna Zatonskih and her husband GM Daniel Fridman.
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GM Gata Kamsky, GM Alexander Onischuk and U.S. Women's Champion IM Anna Zatonskih are playing in the European Club Cup in Kallithea, Greece (October 16-24). Follow all the action on the official website , the games link , and on

Kamsky is playing for URAL Sverdlovskaya and he has had a tough start, 2/5 including a loss to GM Levon Aronian in an annoying Anti-Grunfeld line. (UPDATE: Kamsky's team URAL Sverdlovskaya won the competition. See complete final results and photos on chessdom .)


Onischuk, playing for PVK Kiev Chess , is the 53rd ranked player at 2644. This should give some idea of the strength of the event- Check out the full player list here. Carlsen, Ivanchuk and Aronian lead the pack of 22 2700+'s. Onischuk is playing solidly so far, with two wins and three draws. Here is his win against German GM Michael Bezold.


Anna is playing on team EPAM behind Hoang Thanh Trang of Hungary. Anna has 3.5/5, her only loss being to GM Antoaneta Stefanova. Anna's nicest game so far was her fantastic defensive effort over IM Elina Danielian (2513) of Armenia. Countless times, Elina avoided trading queens to remain in the double-edged bishops of opposite color middlegame. By the time queens were finally swapped, Zatonskih was on top.

Position after 60.b7

 Anna finished off nicely in the position above. Anna simply played 60..Rb5!, allowing 61.Rxf6, which allows no useful discoveries after Rxb7 (not c1=Q?? Rc6+).