Quick Chess in New Jersey
By Steve Ferrero   
October 22, 2008
, IM Dean J. Ippolito (left) shaking hands with Javier Ignacio Rivera at the start of round four.

On a quiet Sunday morning, in Branchburg, New Jersey, the first “Game/10  Galore #1 Tournament” was off to a promising start in the offering of a generous 10 coveted Grand Prix Points! The event was held at the Dean of Chess Academy which is operated by IM Dean J. Ippolito and his wife, Dawn. In the end, Yefim Treger and Dean Ippolito came out on top with 6.5/7 each.

Like military forces slowly gathering before battle, strong players began converging upon the playing site...IM Dean Ippolito (2494), Cuban IM Guillermo A. Estevez (2203), FM Boris Privman (2209), Yefim Treger (2280), David Grasso (2173), and Mauricio Camejo (2057).  

I had the honorable privilege or some might say misfortune to play against such talented players.  With my own regular rating oftentimes hovering slightly under to slightly over USCF 1900, it is not often that I play up 500-600 rating points in any form of rated play!  I knew I had my own work cut out for me in just trying to avoid a blowout and losing all my games.

Like a boxer who finds himself up against the ropes in the first two minutes from the sound of the opening bell, I realized that I had to ready myself for adversaries who would, in all probability, come out swinging from the get-go.  In the first round, I was paired against Yefim Treger and,despite being up a full pawn  at one point, the dreaded clock took its toll.  In fairness to Yefim, his strong middlegame play corralled the full point for him, as well as an eventual tie for first.

Co-winner Yefim Treger, with Boris Privman and Mauricio Camejo in the background.

The Dean of Chess Academy
is  located in a strip mall on a major highway, making it very accessible to those in the tri-state area. Every Friday night, there is rated league play at G/60 with a 30 second increment or 5 second delay. I hope this article reminds everyone that even on Sunday morning, chess thrives outside the Internet: Check out your local chess club!

Cuban IM Guillermo A.Estevez and IM Dean Ippolito

TD and organizer Ken Thomas between rounds

Mauricio Camejo (left) vs Javier Ignacio Rivera