Chamitoff Heads for the Rilles
By Glenn Petersen, Editor, Chess Life for Kids   
October 20, 2008
thumb_martian_rille.jpgBelieving discretion is the better part of valor, Astronaut Greg Chamitoff chose to castle on his eighth move, breaking the pin of his c3-Knight, and providing cover for his King.   So now, after 8. 0-0, it is up to our scholastic wizards from Stevenson Elementary School, to present options for Earthlings.
In the meantime, we can take this opportunity to explore some of our solar system's natural hiding places.  Rilles - such as Mamers Vallis rille on Mars, pictured here - or the moon's Rima Hyginus Rille - shown with the introduction to this article on our main Earth vs. Space page - are long, narrow surface depressions that resemble channels, which can be up to several kilometers wide and hundreds of kilometers in length.  Sounds like adequate cover for a chess king!

Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 8. 0-0)

We should be able to vote on their selections sometime this evening through Tuesday morning, so please check back soon and help decide Earth's next move!

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