Should Earth Attack? Or Develop? Time to Vote!
By Hal Bogner, Match Director   
October 15, 2008
Although he has been a bit busy greeting the newest arrivals on the International Space Station, astronaut Greg Chamitoff has replied with the expected 6.Nc3 - defending against the double-attack of 5...Qa5+.

The Stevenson Elementary School chess champions were ready and waiting when Greg made the only move that blocked the check and defended his Bishop.

Here are their four possible responses: 6...Nf6-e4, 6...e7-e6, 6...Bc8-f5, and 6...Bc8-d7.

The game is heating up, and we now must decide between attack and further development.  Exploit the pinned Knight on c3?  Break the pin of the Knight on c6?  Develop the c8 Bishop actively, or hem it in with the conservative e6?

Earthlings: it's YOUR MOVE!  Please vote by midnight  EDT (9 PM PDT) today (Wednesday).

Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 6.Nc3)

You can analyze the alternatives in our Java chess viewer, or click here to see diagrams showing each alternative.

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