Okay, Greg. Back to the chessboard! (When time permits)
By Hal Bogner, Match Director   
October 1, 2008
Earth has spoken, and NASA Astronaut Greg Chamitoff is now facing a symmetrical position.

It's now up to Greg to decide how the game will continue.

Of the four choices selected by the chess team at Stevenson Elementary School, 1... d7-d5 received the most votes with 37.6%.  Following were 1... e7-e6 with 29.1%, 1. ... g7-g6 with 21.6%, and 1... b7-b6 with 11.8% of the vote.

Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 2.d5)

Stevenson coach Harlan Lee tells us that the majority of the students tend to play defenses based on ...d7-d5, though they were also enthusiastically willing to go "Indian" with the other alternatives, had the public so voted.  Let's see how long this symmetry lasts, though.

Did you check out the video and greetings sent by Greg through Mission Control?  We expect much more rrriiiipppiiinnng as the game progresses!

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