Get Ready for Earth vs. Space
September 26, 2008
Greg Chamitoff, Photo courtesy NASA

On Monday, September 29 Astronaut Greg Chamitoff will challenge  team earth to a ground-breaking Earth vs. Space Match. Today's press release, distributed jointly by NASA and USCF, read: " It will be Earth vs. space in a unique chess match, and you can help Earth win." Check out the full press release, and be sure to bookmark so you can help Earth win! Participation is open to all so feel free to distribute the link and get as many as possible involved in this gravity-defying match.

How will the match work?

K-3 Champions from Stevenson Elementary School in Bellevue, Washington will select up to four candidate moves for the public to vote on. In the case of obvious recaptures or forced moves, the move will be played without voting. The game aims to proceed at a steady rate of one ply per day (one move from each side a day, or half a move.) Chamitoff will play White, and we expect that Earth will be ready to reply to his first move by September 29, Monday morning.

 You can get in the action at any time, but be sure to check if you want to have your say starting from the opening. For info on Chamitoff and the space station, visit Also check out the chessbase report on Greg Chamitoff's previous chess activities in outer space.