McCain and Obama Play Chess
By Jennifer Shahade   
September 23, 2008
barackmccainstand2.jpgWith the first presidential  debate coming up on Friday September 26 at 9 PM EST, Americans prepare to root on their favorite candidate or search for evidence to help them make a difficult decision.
But most people don't know about a till now top-secret Obama-McCain mental sparring session, pictured below. For one account, not sanctioned by the USCF, see my own invented Obama-McCain game. Don't agree with my take? Don't get angry-get even. CLO invites readers and USCF members to showcase their own creativity by posting their own invented games in comments to this article or on their blogs. The best responses will be linked to or discussed in a follow-up article.

No matter what your take, be sure to tune into the debates and register to vote, so that on November 4, you can watch the endgame knowing that you had a chance to make your move.