SPICE Cup Kicks Off!
September 19, 2008
GM Julio Becerra faces GM Alexander Onischuk. Photo Paul Truong
The highest rated 10-player International round-robin in U.S. History, the SPICE Cup, kicked off on Friday, Sept 19, at 3 PM EST in Lubbock, Texas. The first round features some great GM match-ups, including Julio Becerra- Alexander Onischuk, pictured above. Click here for the official press release. 

Watch the games live from September 19-28 on Monroi.com or the Internet Chess Club. The games start at 3 PM EST, except for the last round which begins at 2 PM EST. Sept.23 is a free day. Also check out the live video feed!

SPICE Cup Photo Gallery by Paul Truong

GM Varuzhan Akobian against defending champ GM Eugene Perlshteyn

The 2008 Spice Cup will go to the champion

GM Viktor Mikhalevski plays GM Kamil Miton

GM Gregory Kaidanov battles GM Leonid Kritz of Germany

All the participants with their welcome gifts, and GM Susan Polgar

GM Hannes Stefansson of Iceland matches wits with the #2 seed behind Onischuk, Harikrishna Pentala of India