Rohonyan and Zatonskih in Nalchik
August 29, 2008
Katerina Rohonyan, Photo 2007 by Betsy Dynako
WGM Katerina Rohonyan and 2008 U.S. Women's Champion IM Anna Zatonskih are both representing America at the Women World Championship (Nalchik, Russia, August 29-September 18). The knockout event consists of two-game mini-matches until the final, which will feature a four game match. Check out a photo report with more information on

In the first round of her mini-match Rohonyan upset one of the top seeds with Black, WGM Natalia Zhukova of Ukraine.


In the second round, Zhukova struck back and so they will go to tiebreak tomorrow.


We cannot find  Anna Zatonskih's game from round one- it appears that her opponent, Tea Bosboom-Lanchava of Holland was a no-show. She advances to round two with a few extra days of rest!

You can watch the games live on the Internet Chess Club at 6 AM EST.

American qualifier IM Irina Krush declined to participate in Nalchik for security reasons. Due to the Georgian-Russian conflict, Georgian women players are also not playing , including the legendary former World Champion Maya Chiburdanidze.