Larry Kaufman Wins Senior Open
By Jennifer Shahade   
May 3, 2008
2008 Senior Open Champ Larry Kaufman, here playing Jeffrey Haskel in the blitz tournament. Photo Teresa Schultz

IM Larry Kaufman clinched clear first in the U.S. Senior Open with a round five win against IM Igor Foygel. This earned Kaufman a perfect 5-0 score, along with the final spot in the Frank Berry U.S. Championship. Larry already accepted his invitation to play in Tulsa, and feels confident as he won the Maryland Open a day before the Senior began: "I seem to be in good form now." Kaufman was well-prepared for Foygel's Modern Defense. After a queen trade, Larry found the striking move 19.Bh6, which forced a favorable position for White. The double attack 28. Nc5 won on the spot.


Last round at the Senior Open. In the foreground, IM Larry Kaufman and IM Igor Foygel. Photo Paul Truong

Senior Open
Final Standings

1. IM Larry Kaufman-5
2. IM Albert Kapengut-4.5
3-8. IM Igor Foygel, Bill Kramer, IM Joseph Bradford, Leonid Balmazi, GM Dmitry Gurevich and FM John Curdo
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Kaufman also tied for first with Leonid Balmazi and Leonid Bondar in the Friday afternoon Blitz tournament.

Tonight's awards ceremony at the Chess Hall of Fame will coincide with the induction ceremony of GMs Joel Benjamin, Nick DeFirmian and Larry Christiansen. Susan Polgar, pictured below, will give a simultaneous exhibition today. The chess collectors international also met this week in Florida, which Tim Redman will report on for Chess Life Magazine. 

GM Susan Polgar, organizer Don Schultz and Marshall Chess Club President Frank Brady. Photo Paul Truong