Sponsorship Opportunities


US Chess is interested in forming alliances and strategic relationships to promote chess playing in America.

The US Chess Federation (US Chess) organizes many events that would benefit from sponsorship. And numerous corporations could profit from having their names associated with these activities, and obtaining credit for helping to promote our great intellectual game and its proven educational and social benefits.

We ask you, our member, to help us make the connections we need to move American chess forward. Might your company be a potential sponsor of a US Chess activity? Please inquire, and if you receive a positive response, send contact info for the appropriate person we should approach to Joan DuBois at [email protected].

Of course, if you or anyone you know is personally interested in sponsoring an event, we would like to hear about this as well, and you may qualify for a tax deduction.

Here are some of the many existing or possible US Chess events that are available for sponsorship. An asterisk indicates those not currently held, but which could be created (or could return) if a sponsor is found. Two asterisks indicates an international event for which funds are needed to help send and support U.S. players, teams and coaches.


  • National High School Championship
  • National Junior High School Championship
  • National Elementary School Championship
  • National Scholastic K-12 Grade Championships
  • US Chess Grand Prix
  • U.S. Open
  • National Open
  • U.S. Masters
  • U.S. Amateur Team Championships
  • U.S. Class
  • U.S. Amateur Championships
  • National Youth Action
  • Pan-American Intercollegiate
  • U.S. Senior Open
  • U.S. Junior Championship
  • U.S. Junior Open
  • U.S. Cadet (Under 16 closed)
  • U.S. Junior Chess Congress
  • U.S. Game/60
  • U.S. Action (G/30)
  • U.S. G/10 and G/15 (often held together)
  • U.S. Blitz (G/5)
  • U.S. Blind Championship
  • Denker Tournament of State High School Champions
  • US Chess International Swiss*
  • US Chess International Round Robin*
  • National Chess League*
  • US Chess Youth Training Tournament*
  • Chessathon* (kids event with Master simuls)
  • U.S. Senior Closed Championship*
  • U.S. Women's Open*
  • U.S. Individual Intercollegiate*
  • Tournament of State Champions*
  • Tournament of State JHS or Elementary Champions*
  • Tournament of State High School Girls Champions*
  • U.S. Online Championship*
  • U.S. Online version of most of the above*
  • U.S. Quick Closed Championship*
  • U.S. Quick version of most of the above*
  • World Championship**
  • World Women's Championship**
  • World Chess Olympiad**
  • World Chess Olympiad for Women**
  • World Youth Championships**
  • World Junior Championship**