Best of CLO 2007: #9
January 24, 2008
IM Josh Friedel. Photo Jennifer Shahade
The #9 article in CLO's Best of Contest is Pruess Wins GM Norm in France, Part I, and Part II by IM Josh Friedel. Josh Friedel and his friend David Pruess are the current Samford Scholars , and they often travel together. Josh was born in New Hampshire, but is now based in the Bay Area, where he plays in the U.S. Chess League for the San Francisco Mechanics. He has two GM norms, from the 2005 East Bay Masters and the 2006 U.S. Championship.

The judges sound off
To learn more about the judges, read "Meet the Judges." 

" A GREAT article. There's just something about Josh's writing style that clicks with me--I really appreciate his sense of humor.  The games he presented were exciting, and I enjoyed the glimpse into the life of young IMs handling the playing conditions in Europe.  I remember being particularly excited about reading how David Pruess won a GM norm and hoping that Josh would follow suit.  A very nice job all around from both an entertainment and chess viewpoint."- Mike Cornett

"In such a contest, "I think articles like Pruess Wins Gm Norm in Frnace", which are able to bridge the gap amongst being informative, humorous, and interesting are the best contenders"-- NM Arun Sharma

"Good intro to life on the Euro-circuit" Mike Atkins

IM David Pruess. Photo courtesy Photo courtesy