Best of CLO 2007: #10
January 23, 2008
Hiltonwojt.jpgThe number 10 article for the Chess Life Online article of the Year competition is How Wojo Won: The Sicilian. Congratulations to Jonathan, the precociously strong writer/chessplayer. Reread the article and also check out the recent follow-up piece that was published earlier this month, How Wojo Won: The Accelerated Dragon. Hilton is a frequent contributor to CLO; He has written an entire series on Polish-American GM Aleksander Wojtkiewicz (1963-2006), including articles on Wojo's treatment of the Open Catalan , the Closed Catalan and the white side of the King's Indian and Grunfeld. Jonathan also conducted an interesting interview for CLO with the 2007 Chess Journalist of the Year, Mig Greengard. Look for Jonathan in the upcoming February 08 Chess Life Magazine, where he reviews the Gambiteer series by GM Nigel Davies.

The Judges Sound Off

For more on the judges, read "Meet the Judges. "

"I liked all of Jonathan Hilton's articles about Wojo. The Catalan series was also great. It is always nice to pay tribute to people who will never be able to produce wonderful games anymore. Joanthan did it in a very instructive and polite way." - GM Yury Shulman

"This article combined extensive reserach with a well structured plan, much like a chess game istelf. Hilton illuminated the opening repertoire of the late GM and gave well chosen examples to back up his conclusions." - FM  Michael Klein

"Hilton deserves commendations for both his tribute to Alex and his ability to annotate. "- TD Michael Atkins

"An excellent and informative breakdown of a very specific opening -- definitely a chance for the readers to take away something concrete.  Also, a nice tribute to Wojo which can allow those who never saw him play appreciate what he was capable of."- U.S. Chess League Vice-president, NM Arun Sharma

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