USCF News: MAP and Junior Grand Prix
December 3, 2007

MAP Returns

USCF’s Membership Appreciation Program (MAP) is back for 2008. This year-long membership drive provides prizes and recognition for affiliates and members who sign up new or renewing USCF members. Be part of this program and help to promote American chess!

Affiliates: You are automatically enrolled in the MAP affiliate competition and receive credit for each membership submitted, except for tournament memberships.

Members: To participate in the MAP member’s competition, submit memberships and request credit by providing your USCF ID number. Credit to members is not possible for memberships claiming an affiliate commission.

Grand Prize: The affiliate that submits the most members of any kind (except tournament memberships) is entitled to place a free half-page tournament or club ad in Chess Life, in addition to the prizes listed below.

Regular Prizes: Based on submission of all membership types except scholastic, youth, and tournament memberships. Top two will each be featured in a Chess Life article in 2009. Top three win one-year gold affiliation, fourth through seventh win one year silver affiliation. Plaque to top 10, certificate to 11th through 50th.

Scholastic/Youth Prizes: Based on submission of scholastic and youth memberships only. Top two will each be featured in a Chess Life article in 2009. Top three win one year gold affiliation, fourth through seventh win one year silver affiliation. Plaque to top 10, certificate to 11th through 50th.

Affiliate Prizes for Small States: For affiliates in states with under 2,000,000 population according to the 7/1/06 Census Bureau estimates, based on submission of all membership types except tournament memberships. Winner will be featured in a Chess Life article in 2009. Plaque to top five, certificate to sixth through 15th.

Member Prizes: Chess clock with engraved plate to top five, plaque to sixth-10th, certificate to 11th-20th.

State Prizes: Based on percentage gain in membership in state; awarded to state affiliate but unrelated to memberships submitted by state affiliate. Plaque to top three, to be awarded at 2009 U.S. Open.

MAP standings will appear every two months in Chess Life, and more frequently at Affiliates may win multiple prizes, except for being featured in articles. USCF employees, executive board members and affiliates controlled by them are ineligible for prizes. Date of birth information is required for a membership to be counted.

Junior Grand Prix

In 2008, in addition to our regular USCF Grand Prix, there will also be a new Junior Grand Prix (JGP)! Players born after 12/31/87 will be eligible for both the regular Grand Prix and the Junior Grand Prix.

Both grand prix events are year-long contests, designed to encourage tournament activity. However, the JGP will have a special focus intended to promote the type of play most beneficial to the development of young talent, as follows:

1. The best way to improve is by facing opponents stronger than you. The new grand prix awards JGP points only for scoring against players rated at least 100 points above you: 10 JGP points for each win and 5 JGP points for each draw. In sectioned events, you may need to play higher than your minimum section to have a shot at points!

2. Also beneficial for improvement is play at time controls that are slower than those used at many scholastic events. JGP points are available only in events with time controls slower than Game/60. 

Other JGP Rules

1.  JGP events must be at least four rounds and USCF rated.

2.  Other than entry fees and USCF dues, no charges over $25 are permitted.

3.  The tournament must have a TLA with sufficient detail to determine eligibility in the “Tournament Life” section of Chess Life. Games from matches are ineligible. The tournament must have a 2008 completion date and be submitted for rating by February 1, 2009. Note: for 2008 events, the TLA must have appeared in the December 2007 Chess Life or later issue.

4.  If differing time controls are offered, the slowest must be slower than Game/60, and no round may be faster than Game/30.

5.  Byes and other unplayed games earn no JGP points.

6.  In determining whether an opponent is rated 100 points above a player, current ratings will be used. Note: On rare occasions, JGP point standings may change due to re-rates.

7.  To earn points, a player must have a pre-event rating based on at least four games. Additionally, if in considering an individual game, the opponent has no rating or a rating based on fewer than four games, the opponent’s post event rating will be used, providing it is based on at least four games. Otherwise, no points can be earned from that game.

8.  Conditions concerning JGP tournaments are subject to review and adjustment by the USCF executive director. Designation of tournaments as JGP events which require play at Game/60 or faster in most rounds is discouraged and may be disallowed.

9.  For state awards, in the case of a player who changes states during the year, USCF reserves the right to assign the player to an appropriate state based on their tournament record.

10. Standings will be updated bimonthly in Chess Life and more frequently at

Top prize includes free entry, $1,000 of expense money to the 2009 U.S. Open, and a plaque. Prizes to the top 20 and top individual in each state.