Naroditsky Leads in World Youth
By Jennifer Shahade   
November 23, 2007
Daniel Naroditsky leads the Boys Under 12 section of the World Youth (Antalya, Turkey, Nov.18-28) and the U.S. Squad with 5.5/6.In Round six, Daniel drew against Ilya Nyzhnyk (2377) from Ukraine.


Now Ilya and Daniel join Hao Chan from China and Ulvi Bajarani from Azerbaijan in a four way tie for first with 5.5/6. Friday, November 23 is a free day; Daniel plays the Chinese representative Saturday, November 24. The game, played on board two, will be available live at 7 AM EST.

Daniel's draw was partial revenge for Ilya Nyzknyk shooting down Ray Robson's hopes for a medal in the last round of last year's Boys Under 12.  Ray Robson also is doing well this year in the Boys Under 14. He started with 4/4, and drew both of his games yesterday for 5/6. We also have an excellent norm chance in the Boys Under 18 with Sam Shankland. Sam has 4.5/6 and a 2415 performance rating including wins against FM Jan Krejci and IM Sebastian Bogner. Here is a critical position and the full game from Sam's well fought and creative win over FM Krejci from Czech Republic :

Sam's move is this position was the quickest way to win:

Position after 51.h4

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Sam generates a lot of positive fan response. His friend Michael Aigner, who is blogging on Bay Area World Youth players on and Elizabeth Shaughnessy, founder and president of the Berkeley Chess School(where Sam first learned chess) both wrote in to inform Chess Life Online readers of his excellent progress.

Sarah Chiang. Photo Dujiu Yang.
Samuel Shankland. Photo Dujiu Yang.

Also on 5/6 are Sarah Chiang in the Girls Under 10, Brian Luo in the Boys Under 10 and Dachey Lin in the Boys Under 8. Here are games from Dachey and Brian, in which they both completely crushed their opponents, with no contest. To see a great example of Sarah's play, check out this earlier article.



On the free day, the U.S. Team went up Tahtalidag, a mountain that reaches 2366 meters. There is no other mountain so high that is also so close to the sea, hence the nickname for the trek, "Sea to Sky."

L to R: Christian Tanaka, Michael Yee, Christopher Heung, Darwin Yang, Marc Arnold, Ray Robson, Julia Kerr and Alec Getz. Photo Dujiu Yang.

Snowball fight! Marc Arnold, Ray Robson, Darwin Yang, Christian Tanaka. Photo Dujiu Yang.

Behind our talented team is a group of supportive parents. Darwin Yang took a shot to recognize them.

Dujiu Yang, Jane Robson, Doreen Tanaka, Renee Arnold,  Rita Heung, Valaire Kerr, Deren Getz, Erandy Yee. Photo Darwin Yang.

World Youth  (November 18-28, Antalya, Turkey)
U.S. Team member scores after 6 rounds
Girls U18    
Ettie Nikolova     3.5
Elina Kats     2.5
Julia Kerr     2
Girls U16  
WFM Alisa Melekhina     4
Abby Marshall     4
Courtney Jamison     3.5
Louiza Livschitz    3.5
Girls U14   
Dai Yang     3.5
Jennie Liu    2
Gayatri Vempati     2
Girls U12  
Alena Kuzniatsova     4
Anna Matlin     4
Girls U10  
Sarah Chiang    5
Ellen Xiang    2.5
Girls U8    
Evan Xiang    3.5
Simone Liao     4.5
Boys U18  
FM Elliot Liu     2.5
Boys U16  
Marc Tyler Arnold    3.5
Warren Harper     3
Samuel Shankland    4.5
Boys U14   
FM Ray Robson     5
Victor Shen     3
Alec Getz    4
Michael Yee    4
Christian Tanaka     3.5
Boys Under 12   
Daniel Naroditsky     5.5
FM Darwin Yang    4.5
Christopher Heung    2.5
Boys Under 10   
Brian Luo     5
Varun Krishnan    3
Jarod Pamatmat     4
Boys Under 8    
Jonathan Chiang     4
Dachey Lin     5