Three Still Perfect in Turkey
By Jennifer Shahade   
November 21, 2007
Marclead.jpgIn round four of the World Youth, the U.S. team scored 20/33. We still have three perfect scores: Ray Robson in the Boys Under 14, Daniel Naroditsky in the Boys Under 14, and Sarah Chiang in the Girls Under 10.

Yesterday, Marc Tyler Arnold celebrated his 15th birthday with a huge cake.

Here are the results of our entire squad:

World Youth  (November 18-28, Antalya, Turkey)
U.S. Team member scores after 4 rounds

Girls U18  
Ettie Nikolova     2.5
Elina Kats     1.5
Julia Kerr     1
Girls U16  
WFM Alisa Melekhina     3
Abby Marshall     3
Courtney Jamison     2
Louiza Livschitz    2
Girls U14    
Dai Yang     3.5
Jennie Liu    1
Gayatri Vempati     2
Girls U12   
Alena Kuzniatsova     2.5
Anna Matlin     3
Girls U10   
Sarah Chiang    4
Ellen Xiang    2.5
Girls U8  
Evan Xiang    2.5
Simone Liao     3
Boys U18   
FM Elliot Liu     2.5
Boys U16  
Marc Tyler Arnold    2.5
Warren Harper     2
Samuel Shankland    3
Boys U14  
FM Ray Robson     4
Victor Shen     2
Alec Getz    2
Michael Yee    3.5
Christian Tanaka     2.5
Boys Under 12   
Daniel Naroditsky     4
FM Darwin Yang    3
Christopher Heung    2
Boys Under 10   
Brian Luo     3
Varun Krishnan    2
Jarod Pamatmat     2
Boys Under 8   
Jonathan Chiang     3.5
Dachey Lin     3

To gain her fourth victory in the Girls Under 10, Sarah Chiang outcalculated her opponent, who most likely missed 25.Qe3!, defending the Knight on b6 and the fork on f4. 28.Nc4 was an excellent simplifying move. After the tempting 28...b5, Sarah jumped to play 29. Qb6!


Daniel Naroditsky, 4/4 in the Boys Under 12. Photo Dujiu Yang.

Daniel Naroditsky's fourth round victory against Wared Altarboush from Syria, demonstrates the danger of a bad bishop in the endgame. It became an easy win for Daniel after 38...Nb5?, leaving only the two bishops.


Unfortunately, our younger perfect scores did not fare as well last round- Dachey Lin (Boys Under 8) and Simone Liao (Girls Under 8) both went into the round with 3/3, but lost their games. However, if this picture of Dachey with Sergey Kudrin doesn't make you smile, then you're not ready for Thanksgiving!

GM Sergey Kudrin with Dachey Lin. Photo Dujiu Yang.

Note: There are two games on November 22, Thanksgiving, and Friday is a free day. Chess Life Online's next report on Friday morning will cover rounds 5 and 6. We also expect a second blog from WFM Abby Marshall this weekend.