Kramnik Wins Tal Memorial
By Jennifer Shahade   
November 19, 2007
talmempic.jpgVladimir Kramnik won the Tal Memorial with 6.5/9, one a half points ahead of the field.  American representative, Gata Kamsky, finished with 4/9. The only decisive game of the final two rounds was Kramnik's impressive strategic victory over Shakiyar Mamedyarov.


Tal Memorial Moscow, Russia, Nov.9-19
Final Standings
1.  Vladimir Kramnik, RUS 2785- 6.5
2.  Alexei Shirov, ESP 2739-5
3-6. Peter Leko, HUN 2755, Boris Gelfand ISR 2736, Magnus Carlsen, NOR 2714 and Dmitry Jakovenko- 4.5
7-9. Vassily Ivanchuk, UKR 2787, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, AZE 2752  and Gata Kamsky, USA 2714-4
10. Evgeny Alekseev, RUS 2716-3.5

Gata Kamsky's final two games against Ivanchuk and Carlsen were like mirror images of another.  In both games, Black chose to sacrifice a pawn in opposite colored bishop endings to simplify slightly worse positions.



Although Gata's result is not earth-shaterring, American fans can hope this will prepare him well for the World Cup. (Nov.24-Dec.16)