World Youth Kicks Off
By Jennifer Shahade   
November 18, 2007
The playing hall in Antalya, Turkey. Photo Dujiu Yang.
The World Youth (Nov.18-28) kicked off in Antalya, Turkey on Sunday, Nov. 17. Our 33 players were on both sides of first round upsets. The highlight for the USA was Simone Liao's victory on board one of the Girls Under 8. Her opponent was from Colombia, and had an Elo rating over 2000!


The results are incomplete on the official webpage , and only a few games are available but CLO will update you frequently as more information emerges. We are also expecting blogs from Abby Marshall in the Girls Under 16. (Read Abby's popular blog from the U.S. Open. )  Aviv Friedman told CLO  there were more wins than losses in our delegation, but that coaches were still disappointed by the upsets of experienced World Youth representatives Alisa Melekhina and Darwin Yang suffered. "There are ten more rounds," Aviv said. Aviv is coaching along with Armen Ambartsoumian, Joel Benjamin, Sergey Kudrin, Dmitry Gurevich, John Fedorowicz and Michael Khodarkovsky.