Kamsky Midway Through Tal Memorial
By Jennifer Shahade   
November 14, 2007
talmempic.jpg Gata Kamsky is midway through the Tal Memorial (Moscow, Russia November 9-23), where he has 2/5. The super GM tournament should be good preparation for Kamsky in the World Cup (November 24-December 17), where eight other American players are participating.

Tal Memorial
Standings after 4 or 5 rounds

1. Vladimir Kramnik  RUS 2785 (3/5)

2-3-  Shakhriyar Mamedyarov AZE 2752 and  Magnus Carlsen  NOR 2714 (3/5)
4-7   Peter  Leko  HUN 2755 , Evgeny Alekseev, RUS  2716 and  Boris Gelfand  ISR 2763- 2.5/5
8-10 Kamsky,Gata   USA 2714,  Dmitry Jakovenko, RUS 2716, Vassily Ivanchuk UKR 2787 and Alexei Shirov, ESP, 2739- 2/5

Unfortunately, Kamsky's only decisive game so far in Moscow was a loss to Alexey Shirov where he blundered a piece in the final position.


The tournament is relatively peaceful, with the large majority of games so far drawn (5 decisive games out of 22.) Here is Kamsky's fourth round draw against Vladimir, who actually is not the top seed by rating. (Ivanchuk is.)


Kramnik is plus one by virtue of a 60 move+ victory over Leko.
Kramnik-Leko, White to Move.

How did Kramnik finish Leko off in the above position? Play through the full game below or

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The most spectacular game of the event so far was Shakhriyar ("Shak") Mamedyarov's third round win over Ivanchuk. The highlight of the game was the following position, where Mamedyarov began a stunning combination.

Position after 33.Bf7!