Immortal or Fake Draw?
By Joel Benjamin   
December 10, 2006
Here's my question: Is this game real? I have done a ton of research, but I see no indication that the game is a fake. Did Chernev discover this? (It looks like something he would have dug up.)

Hours of thumbing through dozens of old books (that are beginning to fall apart) only left me with more questions than answers.

Thanks for your time. I have your autograph in several of my chess books, and I remain a fan.

Sincerely your servant in chess,
A.J. Goldsby I; USCF Original LIFE-Master

My uncle, USCF expert Marty Merado, showed me the game when I was a child. I was completely enthralled - it is truly an amazing game!


I never considered the possibility that the game could be a fake. While Phillip Meitner has quite a few games on my databases, I cannot turn up anything for Carl Hamppe. Even if the game never really happened, the person who dreamed it up is a genius! I have no idea when it became part of "modern" chess lore; perhaps readers could suggest an early reference.

Joel Benjamin