Magesh Leads NJ Futurity
By Jennifer Shahade   
July 10, 2007

by Jennifer Shahade

The New Jersey International Futurity (Parsipanny, NJ July 7-11) started with a shock of a start by Cadet Champion Evan Ju, who won 2.5/3 against 2 IMs and one GM. He has faltered since, losing two games. Meanwhile, Magesh Panchanathan leads with 4/5. Pete Tamburro, chess columnist for the Star Ledger (Newark newspaper) says:

"We've had lots of exciting games, only two(!) short draws. Everything else is fighting chess. In the first three rounds the non IMs and GMs had two wins and four draws in seven games with the titled players. Needless to say, they are now taking the kids very seriously."

Here is his Ju's win over Dean Ippolito. Dean was born, raised and now lives in New Jersey.


Evan Ju teaching kids at a local New Jersey school

Ju was leading after three rounds, but ran into GM Magesh Panchanathan in round four:


Magesh also won a nice game in the 6.f4 Najdorf against Amon Simutowe, who just graduated from UTD.


30. Kg1! is a pretty quiet move, and also the only move that gives White a totally winning game. Black can't move the rook from the f-file or he will be mated with Rd8+ Qxd8 Qxh7 etc.

Updates on the tournament are posted on the New Jersey Federation homepage as well as on the blog of the "New Jersey Knockouts", one of the U.S. Chess League's new squads. The futurity includes four members of the Knockouts: Mackenzie Molner, Evan Ju, Thomas Bartell, Dean Ippolito. Organizer Michael Khordarkovsky of the Kasparov Chess Federation is also on the NJ Knockouts. The chessdrum posts updates on the progress of Amon Simutowe, who is searching for his third norm.

Standings after 5 Rounds

1. GM Panchanathan, India 4-1
2. GM Yudasin, Israel 3.5-1.5
3. GM Erenburg, Israel 3-2
4.-6. NM Ju, USA 2.5-2.5
4.-6. IM Simutowe, Zambia 2.5-2.5
4.-6. GM Zaitchik, USA 2.5-2.5
7.-9. NM Molner, USA 2-3
7.-9. NM Bartell, USA 2-3
7.-9. IM Ippolito, USA 2-3
10. IM Zlotnikov, USA 1-4

Find more information on the New Jersey Federation homepage