Bruce Alberston Memorial Chess Tournament
By Bruce R. Davis   
April 24, 2015

Bruce R Davis Sr
[email protected]

US Chess Federation Affiliated Event

Bethlehem, Pa, April 25, 2015– At 10:30 am on April 25, The Lehigh Valley Chess Association hosts the 1st Bruce Alberston Memorial Chess Tournament at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 514 3rd Ave. This will honor Allentown and Lehigh Valley Native, Bruce Alberston, the 1968 Pa State Chess Champion and respected Chess author.

As many as a dozen Pa State Champions will Pay tribute to Bruce he was important to mass mobilization of bringing people of all ages, races and creeds together in a rich diverse homogeneous mix of families to participate in a miraculous and beautiful symmetry where we enjoyed the spirit of cooperation and enriching our lives, each of us for the betterment of others.

We will play host to an event supported by members of the Alberston Family and Marianna Loosemore, Bruce Alberston’s, widow and life partner, who is attending to speak of Bruce and his life accomplishments and good deeds. Mainly, friends will provide insight into the man we knew in life, at the chessboard and how he loved the game and how others were inspired by his contributions to a game and its history that he sincerely enjoyed. Please join us in celebration of the life of Bruce Alberston and the joy through connecting through chess that made our lives better for it.