Best of CLO 2014 #6- Legal Moves by Alisa Melekhina
January 31, 2015
Alisa400.jpgThe #6 article in Best of CLO 2014 is Legal Moves: Melekhina on Chess & Law School by FM Alisa Melekhina. Judge Jennifer Vallens praised her writing style, "I loved her line ‘It was growing, but it was a mutated growth without proper nourishment of sustained study.' She also gave a great example of how chess gives you overlapping skill set for other areas of your life."

Alisa gave a lot of practical advice on how to combine chess with fierce ambition in another field. As judge Michael Aigner puts it: "Contrary to popular belief, not all scholastic chess players quit while attending college and professional school. FM Melekhina shares some ups and downs from her tournament games, but presents an encouraging tone to those dreaming of following in her footsteps. She concludes that 'flexibility holds the key' to success."

Alisa was recently profiled in American Lawyer

Though avid chess players who want to pursue a career outside the game often go into mathematics or business, Melekhina sees a lot of crossover between chess and law.

‘Chess trains you to always think of the worst-case scenario,' she explains. ‘A lot of the time, that's what lawyers are hired to do-to think, ‘What's the worst case and how can I manage it?'

Find Alisa's CLO piece on the 2014 Millionaire Chess Open. Melekhina is also a contributor to Chess Life Magazine, chessbase and a producer for chesslessonsonline.

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