Best of CLO 2014 #8- Jen Shahade on Kazim Gulamali
January 26, 2015
JenS320.gifThe #8 article in Best of CLO 2014 is Kazim's Back: Gulamali on Taking Down Vegas by Jennifer Shahade. "Millionaire open U2500 champion spills the beans on Armageddon to travel plans in Europe" said Michael "f-pawn" Aigner, on CLO editor Jen Shahade's interview with the popular champion of the Under 2500 section from the inaugural Millionaire Chess Open in Las Vegas. The young man from Atlanta took home $40,000 for his win. Judge Jennifer Vallens of "Off the Rook" enjoyed the "conversational interview" "it was nice to see some of the other sections featured in post Millionaire Chess articles."

Jennifer also interviewed Kazim in 2011, though that interview focused on his renowned bughouse skills. Jennifer edits CLO and also manages the uschess twitter and facebook pages. Her books Chess Bitch and Play Like a Girl can be found on USCF Sales. 

Kazim Gulamali with this coach GM Georgi Kacheishvili

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#8- Kazim's Back: Gulamali on Taking Down Vegas by CLO editor Jen Shahade
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