Carlsen Wins in Dramatic Game Six
November 15, 2014
Magnus Carlsen won game six of the World Chess Championship in Sochi, Russia in a dramatic battle marked by a big Carlsen blunder, 26. Kd2 that Anand failed to exploit. "Usually you feel happy when you win (but) when you get such a massive gift, you just feel relief." Magnus said in the press conferenece. 

Here is the key position: 


After 26. Kd2, Black can play ...Nxe5 Rxg8 Nxc4+ Kd3 Nb2+ (the key zwischenzug) and Black is up two pawns. 

Magnus certainly realized he blundered immediately after he played 26. Kd2. When asked, "How did you keep your poker face?", he replied with a smile and "I  don't think I kept my poker face at all." 


Check out the chess24 recap with GM Jan Gustafsson and IM Lawrence Trent: 

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