Chess Life Editor To Run a Marathon for the USCF
September 16, 2014
Christopher Oquendo,

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Daniel Lucas, the Director of Publications for the USCF as well as the editor of Chess Life magazine, is running the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon this November 2. 

He is using the race, which typically raises tens of millions each year for various charities and non-profits, to try and raise $3,750 for U.S. Chess Federation scholastic programs. Why $3,750? Lucas says, "Because in September I turn 50 years old. This same month the USCF celebrates its 75th birthday. 50 x 75 = $3,750. The USCF has been very important to me throughout my life so using these 'magic numbers' as a way to give back to the organization satisfies my sense of symmetry." 

The Editor Answers Your Fundraiser FAQs 
Have you run a marathon before? 
Yes. Three times in the last five years. 

Have you ever won one of these 26.2 mile behemoths? 
I have as much chance of winning a marathon as I do of using 1. a4 to beat Magnus Carlsen. I'm simply running against myself, trying to improve my own personal best time, and trying to raise awareness of the USCF along the way. 

Does running help your chess? 
One of the ways I keep myself focused during long training runs is by picking a puzzle, typically one from Soltis' "Chess to Enjoy" column, and trying to work it out while completing my workout. 

How often do you successfully solve puzzles this way?
Hasn't happened yet. 

What scholastic programs will benefit from the money raised? 
The Executive Director will ultimately decide precisely where the money will go based on how much is donated. Certainly, we will offset some of the costs associated with sending our World Youth team to Durban, South Africa. But all money raised (minus the nominal fees) will directly benefit USCF scholastics. 

The ALS Association recently had a great deal of success with their "Ice Bucket Challenge." Can I dump a bucket of ice water on my head as long as I also donate at 
Knock yourself out! Remember, all donations are fully tax-deductible due to the USCF's 501(c)(3) status.