Sevian Leads Washington International
By Michael Regan   
August 11, 2014
IM Sam Sevian

The 3rd Washington International is well underway with a record number of attendees. After four rounds IM Samuel Sevian with a score of 3.5 has a half point lead and a 2718 performance rating. He has met the requirements for number of non-US players and number of GMs. So, he just needs a 2600 performance to earn his GM norm. His third round game game against GM Kayden Troff was a wild affair.


Seven players are 1/2 point behind Sevian including IMs Akshat Chandra and Jeffery Xiong who both have performance ratings of around 2570. FM Kevin Wang has a 2558 performace rating so far. Kevin started the tournament with a win against GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez. Other players who are on pace for an IM norm are FMs Kesav Viswanadha and Alisa Melekhina both of whom are on +1.
Kesav Viswanadha


Alisa Melekhina

The tournament continues through Thursday with rounds at 11 and 6 on Monday, 6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 11am on Thursday. The top seven boards are being broadcast live at along with live video, standings, and pairings.