Four Pull Ahead in Orlando
August 3, 2014
GMs Nyzhnyk & Margvelashvili watch Shabalov-Bregadze, which was a draw, Photo by Chris Oquendo /

After eight rounds at the US Open (Orlando, July 28-August 3), four players have pulled away with 7/8: Young GMs Conrad Holt (21) & incoming Webster student Illia Nyzhnyk (17), current Webster student GM Fidel Corrales Jiminez and IM Michael Mulyar.
Mulyar took down UMBC student GM Akshayraj Kore quickly, gaining a dominant opening position vs. Kore's Bogo-Indian:


Photo by Chris Oquendo /

Holt won against IM John Bryant, finding a strong sequence after 22.dxe6 and 23. Nxb6! :


Nyzhnyk also joined the leaders when GM Zapata faltered in a rook endgame with 54. Rd1 instead of Rd8:


Fidel Corrales Jiminez is also on 7/8 after a win over GM Gurevich. 

Photo by Chris Oquendo /

TD Jon Haskel pointed a funny round eight pairing: Mason-Dixon.


The final round starts at 3 PM EST. Follow standings here, watch games on Monroi, and look for updates on CLO when the Champion is crowned and the US Championship spot determined.