Ten Tied After Big US Open Merge
August 2, 2014
17-year-old GM Illia Nyzhnyk, MyChessPhotos.com

After seven rounds of the US Open in Orlando, a star-studded group of ten players are tied at the top with 6/7: GMs Illia Nyzhnyk, Conrad Holt, Fidel Corrales Jimenez, Alexander Shabalov, Akshayraj Kore, Dmitry Gurevich, Alonso Zapata and IMs Michael Mulyar, Levan Bregadze & Daniel John Bryant.

GM Dmitry Gurevich vs. IM Michael Mulyar, MyChessPhotos.com

In the final two rounds, the leaders fight for the $8000 first prize and a US Championship spot (for the top eligible player.)

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