A Samford at Stanford: Daniel Naroditsky
By Josh Bowman   
May 23, 2014
Dan300.jpgGM Daniel Naroditsky spent the Sunday of his Stanford “Admit-Day” on April 27 battling twenty-four members of the Stanford Chess Club in a simultaneous exhibition. Daniel won twenty-one games….the Stanford Chess Club drew three games, everything considered an excellent showing by the top three boards of the Stanford Chess Competition “A” Team.

During the Q&A prior to the simul, Daniel said he would be deferring his matriculation at Stanford in order to take advantage of the opportunity for a year of fulltime chess afforded to him by the Samford Chess Fellowship.

 Played outside on a beautiful California spring day, at times the simul attracted spectators three deep as people strained to follow the action on the boards. Below are the three games.

In this game Henning went up the exchange but took the draw, believing a GM of Daniel’s strength would be likely to find a way to get his pawn rolling and win.



When Yash placed his queen on d3 Daniel seemed to be put on the defensive for the rest of the game.


GM Naroditsky was a participant in the recently concluded US Chess Championships, which he called, "the best tournament I've played in." Find out more about him on his website.