182 Players Qualify for 2014 World Youth
By Jerry Nash   
April 22, 2014
Contact: Jerry Nash
USCF Special Projects Consultant
[email protected]
Cell: 931-787-2756

(CROSSVILLE, TN)  The United States Chess Federation is pleased to announce that 182 players have qualified to participate in the 2014 World Youth Chess Championships to be held in Durban, South Africa, from September 18 - 30.  These students earned this honor by meeting or exceeding rating thresholds established by the USCF for this event.  Additionally, two players attained the Personal Right to attend by having won a medal at the previous World Youth or a Gold medal at the previous Pan American Youth.  Participants may also qualify by achieving top spots at designated national scholastic events such as the Kasparov Chess Foundation All-Girls National Championships, the US Cadet Championship, the Denker Tournament of High School Champions, the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions, and the National Girls Invitational Tournament.   

The top player by rating in each age category is considered by FIDE (the World Chess Federation) as the official representative of the United States for that age category.  All players will compete in the event as part of the US delegation.  Details concerning the 2014 World Youth tournament are not yet available but will be posted on the USCF website as soon as they are released.  All players listed in this announcement should contact Jerry Nash ([email protected]) immediately to confirm their contact information and to receive additional registration information.   

The USCF is a 501©(3) organization dedicated to promoting chess in the United States. Founded in 1939, the USCF serves as the governing body for chess in the United States and is now headquartered in Crossville, Tennessee.  The USCF is devoted to promulgating the role of chess in American society.  It promotes the study and knowledge of the game of chess as an art, for enjoyment, and as a means to improve society.  To make a tax-deductible donation to support the USCF and our World Youth teams visit www.uschess.org/donate.

Congratulations to all the players who qualified for the 2014 World Youth!

Rianne Ke, CA, Girls Under 8    
Rochelle Wu, AL, Girls Under 8    
Emma Cheng, OH, Girls Under 8    
Aksithi Eswaran, CA, Girls Under 8    
Adriana Perkins, CA, Girls Under 8    
Meredith Feiner, NY, Girls Under 8             
Martha Samadashvili, NY , Girls Under 10   
Maggie Ni, TX, Girls Under 10   
Evelyn Zhu, NY, Girls Under 10   
Aasa Dommalapati, VA, Girls Under 10   
Sheena Zeng, KS, Girls Under 10   
Anh Nguyen, TX, Girls Under 10   
Katherine Qi, NY, Girls Under 10   
Antara Garai, CA, Girls Under 10   
Nastassja Matus, MN, Girls Under 10   
Jessica Rattray        Girls Under 10   
Annapoorni Meiyappan, CA    Girls Under 10   
Sadie Edelman, CT, Girls Under 10   
Laine Massick, OH, Girls Under 10   
Claire Cao, PA, Girls Under 10   
Annie Wang, CA, Girls Under 12   
Jennifer Yu, VA, Girls Under 12   
Akshita Gorti, VA, Girls Under 12   
Carissa Yip, MA, Girls Under 12   
Emily Nguyen, TX, Girls Under 12   
Joanna Liu, CA, Girls Under 12   
Chang Xu , AZ, Girls Under 12   
Shreya Mangalam, IL, Girls Under 12   
Camille Kao, TX, Girls Under 12   
Marissa Li , IL, Girls Under 12   
Naomi Bashkansky, WA, Girls Under 12   
Chenyi Zhao, CA, Girls Under 12   
Ritika Pandey, WI, Girls Under 12   
Sanjana Vittal, NJ , Girls Under 12   
Meghana Bhanuprasad, MD, Girls Under 12   
Emily Hu, PA , Girls Under 12   
Ramitha Ravishankar, NJ, Girls Under 12   
Sasha Konovalenko, MI, Girls Under 12   
Ashritha Eswaran, CA, Girls Under 14   
Maggie Feng, OH, Girls Under 14   
Rachel Ulrich, WI, Girls Under 14   
Devina Devagharan, TX, Girls Under 14   
Anupama Rajendra, WI, Girls Under 14   
Priya Trakru, TX, Girls Under 14   
Saithanursri Avirneni, GA, Girls Under 14   
Alice Salvaryan, CA, Girls Under 14   
Katherine Davis, NY, Girls Under 14   
Queena Deng, CA, Girls Under 14   
Sangeeta Dhingra, WA, Girls Under 14   
Julia Sevilla, CA, Girls Under 14   
Nancy Wang, NY, Girls Under 14   
Samritha Palakollu, NJ, Girls Under 14   
Tianhui Jie, FL, Girls Under 14   
Soumya Kulkarni, MI, Girls Under 14   
Miranda Liu, IL, Girls Under 14   
Shayna Provine, IL, Girls Under 14   
Vivian Cao-Dao, VA, Girls Under 14   
Simone Liao, CA, Girls Under 16   
Apurva Virkud, MI, Girls Under 16   
Agata Bykovtsev, CA, Girls Under 16   
Alice Dong, NJ, Girls Under 16   
Rachel Gologorsky, FL, Girls Under 16   
Maryia Oreshko, NJ, Girls Under 16   
Kimberly Ding, NJ, Girls Under 16   
Stephanie Shao, CA, Girls Under 16   
Amy Tsai, FL, Girls Under 16   
Rachael Eng, AZ , Girls Under 16   
Annie Zhao, TX, Girls Under 16   
Shaileja Jain, CA, Girls Under 16   
Florizelle Songco, NY, Girls Under 16   
Mandy Lu, MI, Girls Under 16       
Sarah Chiang, TX, Girls Under 18   
Megan Lee, WA, Girls Under 18   
Jessica Regam, PA, Girls Under 18   
Becca Lampman,  WA, Girls Under 18   
Epiphany Peters , TN, Girls Under 18   
Ellen Xiang, TX, Girls Under 18   
Lilia Poteat, NY, Girls Under 18   
Claudia Munoz, TX, Girls Under 18   
Michelle Chen, MA, Girls Under 18   
Jasmine Chen, NY, Girls Under 18           
Arthur Guo , GA, Open Under 8   
Andrew Tang, TX, Open Under 8   
Rohun Trakru, TX, Open Under 8   
Rithik Polavaram, TX, Open Under 8   
Justin Friedlander, AZ, Open Under 8   
Pranav Prem, VA, Open Under 8   
Jason Yu, WA, Open Under 8   
Merric Hu, NJ, Open Under 8   
Nathaniel Shuman, NY, Open Under 8   
Kirk Ghazarian, CA, Open Under 8   
Jason Wang, OH, Open Under 8   
Antony Gospodinov, FL,Open Under 8   
Davis Zong, NY, Open Under 8   
Shelev Oberoi, TX, Open Under 8   
Nico Chasin, NY, Open Under 8   
Lucas Foerster-Yialamas, NY, Open Under 8   
Eric Zhang, WA, Open Under 8   
Aydin Turgut, IL, Open Under 10   
Christopher Shen, OH, Open Under 10   
Kevin Chor, AZ, Open Under 10   
Tan Nguyen, VA, Open Under 10   
Jason Metpally, TX, Open Under 10   
Andrew Hong, CA, Open Under 10   
Wesley Wang, NY, Open Under 10   
Atreya Vaidya, TX,O pen Under 10   
Maximillian Lu, CT, Open Under 10   
Cole Frutos, TX, Open Under 10   
Anthony He, WA, Open Under 10   
Joaquin Perkins, CA, Open Under 10   
Milind Maiti, CA, Open Under 10   
Balaji Daggupati, CA, Open Under 10   
Daniel Levkov, NY, Open Under 10   
Anish Vivekananthan, TX, Open Under 10   
Awonder Liang, WI, Open Under 12    PR - Gold - 2013 World Youth
Praveen Balakrishnan, NJ, Open Under 12   
Advait Patel, WV, Open Under 12   
Andrew Zheng, MD, Open Under 12   
Aravind Kumar, NJ, Open Under 12   
Rayan Taghizadeh, CA, Open Under 12   
Trung Nguyen, VA, Open Under 12   
David Peng, IL, Open Under 12    PR - Silver - 2013 World Youth
David Brodsky, NY, Open Under 12   
Marcus Miyasaka, NY, Open Under 12   
Andrew Titus, MN, Open Under 12   
Josiah Stearman, CA, Open Under 12   
Thomas Elberling, NJ, Open Under 12   
Ryan Xu, VA, Open Under 12   
Luke Xie, OH, Open Under 12   
Ben Li, MI, Open Under 12   
Justin Paul, VA, Open Under 12   
Hans Niemann, CA, Open Under 12   
Andrew Roach, UT, Open Under 12   
Jeffery Xiong, TX, Open Under 14   
Ruifeng Li, TX ,Open Under 14   
Cameron Wheeler, CA, Open Under 14   
Jonathan Chiang, TX, Open Under 14   
Craig Hilby, CA, Open Under 14   
Vignesh Panchanatham, CA, Open Under 14   
Nicolas Checa, NY, Open Under 14   
Tommy He, TX, Open Under 14   
John Ludwig, FL, Open Under 14   
Roland Feng, WA, Open Under 14   
Albert Lu, CA, Open Under 14   
Michael Wang , CA, Open Under 14   
Joshua Sheng, CA,  Open Under 14   
Alexander Crump, NY, Open Under 14   
John Burke, NJ, Open Under 14   
Siddharth Banik, CA, Open Under 14   
Bryce Tiglon, WA, Open Under 14   
Udit Iyengar , CA,    Open Under 14   
Angel Hernandez-Camen, PA, Open Under 14   
Ethan Li, AZ    Open Under 14   
Jason Shi, CT    Open Under 14   
Bovey Liu ,TX    Open Under 14   
Brandon Nydick, NY    Open Under 14   
Kayden Troff, UT Open Under 16   
Luke Harmon-Vellotti , ID  Open Under 16   
Akshat Chandra, NJ, Open Under 16   
Christopher Gu, RI, Open Under 16   
Mika Brattain, MA, Open Under 16   
Joshua Colas, NY,    Open Under 16   
Andrew Tang, MN    Open Under 16   
Justus Williams, NY    Open Under 16   
Andrew Liu,  MA    Open Under 16   
Kapil Chandran, CT        Open Under 16   
Edward Song, MI    Open Under 16   
Christopher Wu, NJ    Open Under 16   
Safal Bora, MI    Open Under 16   
Kesav Viswanadha, CA    Open Under 16   
Dachey Lin , TX    Open Under 16   
James Black, NY    Open Under 16   
Colin Chow,  CA,    Open Under 16   
Darwin Yang, TX, Open Under 18   
Aleksandr Ostrovskiy, NY,  Open Under 18   
Yian Liou, CA, Open Under 18   
Michael Bodek, NY, Open Under 18   
Atulya Shetty, MI, Open Under 18   
Arthur Shen, NJ, Open Under 18   
Sean Vibbert , IN,  Open Under 18 
Kevin Wang, MD, Open Under 18 
Sam Schmakel , IL,  Open Under 18