USCF Joins the Party, Supports Millionaire Chess
April 11, 2014

We are happy to announce that Millionaire Chess and the United States Chess Federation (USCF) now have a promotional agreement in place to spread the word about the Millionaire Chess Open. USCF Executive Director Jean Hoffman had this to say: "The USCF is excited to work with Millionaire Chess to promote such an historic event. Part of our mission has always been to promote chess in the United States, and we believe that the Millionaire Chess Open will help raise the game's profile as well as bring in new fans."

International Grandmaster Maurice Ashley, Partner at Millionaire Chess, added: "It's fantastic to be able to work with the USCF to bring chess into the limelight. We see this relationship as an opportunity to promote the great game of chess with a tournament that can excite its broad and loyal fan base. This is the start of something transformative for chess in the United States."

Find out  more details on Millionaire chess, including a list of registered players here. You can also follow Millionaire chess on facebook and twitter and look for more details on the USCF partnership coming to CLO.