2014 Executive Board Election
By Phillip R Smith   
January 24, 2014

2014 Executive Board Election

The U.S. Chess Federation (USCF) will hold an election in 2014 for three at-large positions on the USCF executive board for a term of three years, expiring in 2017.

Any current USCF member who is not a current USCF employee or designated contractor (as defined in USCF bylaws) may be nominated for election to the USCF executive board.

Nominations must be made by petitions containing the signatures of fifty (50) or more members of the USCF who are either registered or eligible to register to vote, and by payment of a filing fee of $250 to the U.S. Chess Federation.

The members signing the nomination petition must include at least fifteen (15) USCF delegates representing at least five (5) states. The petition to nominate a candidate and the filing fee must be postmarked by Tuesday, December 31, 2013. (Send nominations and the filing fee to: Cheryle Bruce, U.S. Chess Federation, P.O. Box 3967, Crossville, TN 38557-3967.)

The nomination petitions must contain the dated signatures, printed names, and USCF IDs of each voting member, and should contain the following text:
“We, the undersigned voting members of the U.S. Chess Federation, nominate __(candidate name goes here)__ as a candidate for election to the USCF executive board in the 2014 election. We also consent to having our names and USCF IDs published as having signed this petition.”

A sample nomination form will be made available on the USCF website.

Candidates must consent to be on the ballot, either by signing their own nominating petition or by separate notice to the USCF.

A voting member for this election is any current USCF member (active as of May 4, 2014) whose membership expires on or after June 30, 2014, who will be age 16 or older by June 30, 2014, and who registers to vote by March 31, 2014.

Ballots will be distributed to voting members who are registered to vote as of March 31, 2014. Ballot distribution will occur around June 10th, and returned ballots will be counted in July. The terms will begin at the conclusion of the 2014 Delegates Meeting.

Below are the Nominating Petitions received by the US Chess Federation for the 2014 Executive Board Elections:

Blank Nominating Petition