Best of CLO 2013 #7- Greg on Magnus
January 20, 2014
The #7 article in Best of CLO 2013 Greg on Chess: Magnus & Openings by IM Greg Shahade. Judges praised Greg's passionate exploration of how our new World Champion wins, even without gaining huge edges in the opening. 

Something incredible is happening in the chess universe. In the world of technology, of ultra deep Houdini preparation, we have a player whom is by far the number 1 rated player in the world. In fact he is the highest rated player in the history of chess. And somehow Magnus Carlsen seems to care little about the opening!

Greg’s other articles for CLO include Greg’s Top Five Tips from the US Chess School   and Greg on Norms and Draws. Greg is the founder of the US Chess League and the US Chess School. He also has a YouTube channel, where he posts frequent content. His website is

The Judges Sound Off
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I am a big fan of Magnus and his opening play.  Although i don't agree 100% with Greg (who does?) I agreed a lot more than usual!  Nice article which shows opening is only 1 part of the game, not all of it.  I wish my students would read this and use the information to try to improve other parts of their game.- GM Ben Finegold

“Fun and insightful, Greg Shahade illustrates how Magnus Carlsen wins chess games. This article unveils the secrets to the world champion’s chess play. Greg Shahade focuses on Magnus Carlsen’s philosophy to simply develop his chess pieces in the opening, reach a playable position in the middlegame and outplay his opponent in the endgame. It’s refreshing that Carlsen is not winning because of his opening preparation. Greg Shahade is a good writer – he simultaneously tells the story of Magnus Carlsen and inspires the reader to ‘focus on the heart of [your] game.’”- Galen Pyle

Long life to the king Magnus! Reading this article, once again I am convinced that openings are not everything in chess—Carla Heredia