Best of CLO 2013 #8- Sarkar on Breakthrough
January 19, 2014
JustinSarkarleadBoardwalk.jpgThe #8 article in Best of CLO 2013 is  On the Way to Breakthrough  by IM Justin Sarkar. Judges praised his candor and writing style.

“Surprisingly often change is easy whereas it's the resistance to change that gets in one's way. Depressed or not, it’s important to do what we love. And this is the key point: my depression eases when I play chess. Naturally, I am one of the most active players in the country.”

Justin Sarkar now has two GM norms and recently came close to his third in Hastings, England where he tied for first place. His most recent piece for CLO was on the Boardwalk Open , where he took clear first.

The Judges Sound Off

I really enjoyed this article.  I thought it was very brave of the author to discuss the topic of depression, which affects A LOT of people, but most people don't like to talk about.  Another great look into the life of an active chess player, both on the board, and off the board, and the challenges they face.  Would love to see more from this author-Tim Brennan

I enjoyed reading this well written article because Justin is genuine and tell us about his life and chess career- Carla Heredia

Best of CLO Countdown 2013
8. On the Way to Breakthrough by IM Justin Sarkar
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