Aronian Leads in Tata Steel
January 19, 2014
GM Jan Timman vs. American IM Kayden Troff at the Challengers section of Tata Steel

After seven rounds of Tata Steel chess in Wijk aan Zee, Levon Aronian leads with 5.5. Our #1 player Hikaru Nakamura started off well with a win over Arkadij Naiditisch but is now on 3/7 after losing to Aronian in round four and Loek Van Wely today.


Italian American GM Fabiano Caruana has 4/7. IM Kayden Troff has 3.5/8 and a 2550+ performance rating in the challengers group.

Today he drew vs. the legendary GM Jan Timman and said on his facebook page , "What an absolute honor to be able to play in Tata Steel and to be able to play against this great player!"

Look for a report on the event by GM Ian Rogers later in the event.