Best of CLO 2013 #9: Melinda on SuperNationals
January 18, 2014
Photo: Nerissa Sparkman
The #9 article in Best of CLO 2013 is Melinda's Swan Song to SuperNationals by Melinda J. Matthews. Judges praised the content and enthusiasm in Melinda's article about the record-breaking event in Nashville.

I’m sure each of the 5,335 participants took away their own powerful memories of SuperNationals V. For some, it marked the end of scholastic play; for others, it’s only the beginning.  As for me, I’m just glad I experienced one incredible SuperNationals, in all its exuberant hustle-bustle madness, before Nicky’s scholastic days sunset.  

Melinda is a frequent contributor to CLO and Chess Life Magazine. She is also a yoga instructor, urban planner and mother of young chess champion NM Nicky Rosenthal (as pictured above).

Her most recent report for CLO was on the  K-12 Grade Nationals in Florida.

The Judges Sound Off:
(More on the judges here)

 This article included great info on the event, and since I attended, it was nice to relive some of those moments. – GM Ben Finegold

Over the years, chess mom Melinda Matthews has shared personal experiences while travelling around the country with her son.  Aside from photos of smiling champions, the highlight of this article is an outline of several intriguing lectures targeting parents and spectators.  Read about some of the activities that you may have missed at SuperNationals!- Michael Aigner

I did not that a Super National was such a huge event. In my country, Ecuador, we do not have an event like this. I am impressed how chess can connect 5,300 people. – Carla Heredia

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