Daniel A Steininger
By Phillip R Smith   
August 22, 2013

Daniel A. Steininger (1956-2013)

Daniel A Steininger

Longtime U.S. Chess Federation (USCF) member, Daniel A. Steininger, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, passed away August 12, 2013 at age 57.

He was born on January 22, 1956 in Cincinnati, OH to the late Anthony G. and Martha A. (Ohler) Steininger. He worked as a school teacher. He’ll be remembered as someone who loved to play chess, enjoyed time with his many nieces and nephews, and his cat Tootsie. He was whitty, clever, generous, artistic, and good hearted…just an all-round sweetheart. Dan is survived by his siblings, Ricky, Mike, Julie, Kathy, and Jeff; numerous nieces and nephews.

At the past 5 U.S. Blind Championships, Dan made a connection with everyone including Chazlee and Sterling Myers (children of Kim and Haz) – who helped at our tournaments. The Myers family offers this sentiment. “It was a pleasure getting to know Dan Steininger these past few years and he will certainly be missed by the entire Myers family. Both Chazlee and Sterling had scored his games at the past tournaments, held here in Pittsburgh, and in fact my son Sterling always said how much he enjoyed working with Dan because he learned a great deal from him. He will be greatly missed by the entire chess community both here in Pittsburgh and nationwide!”

Daniel was a solid 1800+ USCF rated player over the board and Quick. He was a Local Tournament Director and was affiliated with the Fort Wayne Chess Club. About three years ago Dan convinced Ian McKinney (Ft. Wayne CC) to run a quarterly chess tournament. Eleven tournaments occurred in the past 2 ½ years….last one being July 2013. Since 1991he played in 30+ USCF OTB rated events….what’s amazing is, Daniel was blind. He won USCF’s 2010, 2011 and 2012 U.S. Blind Championships. This year he tied for 2nd place with Albert Pietrolungo in our 2013 U.S. Blind Championship which took place August 9-10, 2013 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Daniel scored 2 ½ out of 4 (beat Virginia Alverson and Henry Olynik; drew with Albert Petrolungo and lost to William “Pete” Gibson, Jr.). Dan and Pete had time to chat over dinner sharing mutual interests which included, chess, math, horse racing, casinos, etc.

In the photo, Dan is playing in Round 3 of the 2013 US Blind Championship. For one of Dan’s games from the 2013 U.S. Blind w/annotation – check out: www.uschess.org/content/view/12315/721/. Here’s Dan’s game from the 2012 U.S. Blind Championship where he clinched the title!

2012 US Blind Championship, Pittsburgh
White: Davis, M.
Black: Steininger, D.

1.e4 e52.Nf3 Nc63.Bb5 a64.Ba4 Bc55.Bxc6 dxc66.d3 Qe77.O-O f68.Nbd2 Bg49.Nc4 O-O-O10.Bd2 g511.h3 h512.hxg4 hxg413.Nxg5 fxg514.Qxg4+ Kb815.Qxg5 Qh7 0-1

Dan…you will be sadly missed by all who were fortunate to have you touch their lives.

Obituary submitted by Joan DuBois.

Daniel A Steininger may you rest in peace.