Americans in Montreal: Ostrovskiy Earns IM Norm
July 30, 2013

A large American delegation participated in the Quebec Invitational Chess Championship in Montreal, which was won by top seed Cuban Super-GM Lazaro Bruzon, with 7 out of 9. 

Aleksander Ostrovskiy earned an IM norm at the event. 


According to Aleksander's dad the conditions were excellent. For a sense of the atmosphere, watch a video of a piano performance prior to a round.  

Other American results: 

GM-Elect Mackenzie Molner scored 5.5; IM Keaton Kiewra, FM  Ostrovskiy and Atulya Shetty (reigning Super Nationals High School Champ) 5; FM Eric Rodriguez 4 and FM Akshat Chandra (reigning Super Nationals Junior-High Champ) 3; 

The American delegation was strengthened by foreign players who attend national top chess college programs: Iranian GM Moradiabadi of Texas Tech got 6.5 and tied for second, Romanian GM Chirila of UTD got 5.5 and Indian Balasubramanian of UMBC got 4.5.

Find further information on the event on the official site & full standings on chessresults.