Best of CLO #2-Justin Sarkar on a Golden Win
February 6, 2013
IMG_1840.jpgThe #2 article in Best of CLO 2011 is Justin Sarkar on a Golden win by IM Justin Sarkar. Judges enjoyed Justin's candor, writing style and generous praise for his coach, Giorgi Kacheishvili in his chronicle of winning the 2012 Golden State Open.

Justin Sarkar is an international master and a coach at NYC Chess. He was recently featured in a CLO article about a Chess Benefit for Autism, where Justin gave a simultaneous exhibition (see left). You can follow Justin Sarkar's progress on MSA. 
The Judges Sound Off
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Very candid article by a strong player who describes his own personal challenges with chess and in life. It is not often that we learn these inner thoughts of our fellow players, but it is refreshing when a player presents a self-critique of his own challenges. Why? Because every chess player goes through this. It lets us know that we are not the only ones.--Daaim Shabazz

Justin is an excellent writer and gives great insight into his thoughts and credit to his coach and his training methods.  An excellent article.---GM Ben Finegold  

I’ve known Justin since he was quite young, and played at the Bronx-Yonkers chess club.  I can say that I have a perfect record against him.  *I beat him in an action game played at the club when he was rated 1400.  I’ve watched his progression over the years.  I enjoyed his honest assessment of his strengths and weaknesses.  I look forward to seeing more game analysis from him.--Polly Wright 

After winning in Northern California, IM Sarkar shed light on many of the challenges he overcame on the road to victory.  He heaps praise on his coach for helping him to play confidently and aggressively, but also credits his young students for encouragement.  Any good article in a chess publication should include some quality games, and the author obliges with two tactical melees, one well annotated.
--Michael Aigner

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