USCF News: Website Advisory Committee
By USCF   
January 31, 2013
slideUSCFflag.jpgThe USCF has passed a motion to appoint a USCF Web Site Advisory Committee (WSAC), which will have the charge to report back to the Executive Board within 120 days (but not later than June 1, 2013) to present the EB with advice and a proposed action plan for the upgrade/improvement of the USCF Web site. 

The form of the advice may include more than one option based on budgetary considerations.  The Committee will be chaired by a volunteer member named by the Executive Board, but who is not on the Executive Board o
r the staff of the USCF.  The Executive Board will be represented by President Haring and Secretary Nietman, and the committee will include at least two members of the USCF staff.   To the extent possible, the WSAC will have one-half of its members who are not on the Executive Board or the USCF staff.  

If you would like to volunteer for the WSAC, login as a member in the USCF forums and respond to the thread on the Web Site Advisory Committee. You can also email Ruth Haring, Mike Nietman, or Gary Walters. Please briefly state your interest and/or your qualifications for the WSAC. Volunteers need not be IT or Web site specialists, but these skills would be helpful. Please also indicate if you would like to volunteer to serve as the chair of the WSAC. The chair and the WSAC members will be chosen by the EB.