Best of CLO 2012 #10: Greg on Opening Books
January 23, 2013
IM Greg Shahade, Photo Elizabeth Vicary
The #10 article in Best of CLO 2012 is Greg on Chess: Opening Books by IM Greg Shahade, an editorial on how to improve the most popular type of chess book. Greg’s impassioned piece inspired many responses including dozens of comments on the forum. Judges praised his independent thinking, opinionated style and the instructional value of his points.

IM Greg Shahade is a regular contributor to CLO and the founder of the US Chess League and the US Chess School. He also has a YouTube channel and provides chess video content at LeggoPoker. His most recent CLO piece was Greg on Chess: The State of Young American Chess Talent.
The Judges Sound Off
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Loved this article. I loved how Greg points out the "elusive obvious" on how so many chess opening books have massive flaws in them, and are basically useless for so many chess players. Yet so many chess players will buy these books, spend hours of study on them, and then not gain a single rating point from them. He not only points out the flaws in the book, but offers useful suggestions on how they can be improved, with whole new paradigms. Outstanding, and creative "thinking outside the box" and "food for thought". The 39 comments show that people were really engaged on this topic- Tim Brennan 

As usual Greg brings his unique perspective to the table and always stirs the pot with his viewpoint.  This was quite interesting, and although I don't always agree with Greg, I like his opinionated style!- GM Ben Finegold 

IM Shahade criticized the approach taken in many opening chess books, claiming they did not focus on what different level players needed to know.  While discrediting these volumes as "not digestible" for amateurs, he paradoxically encouraged the use of Chessbase to identify topical opening variations.  Alas, he successfully stirred the pot, as seen by the extensive comments.- Michael Aigner 

Very informative and instructive-Polly Wright 

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#10- Greg on Chess: Opening Books by IM Greg Shahade