USCF Election News
January 19, 2013
slideUSCFflag.jpgOn Friday, January 18 The Election Committee certified the following six individuals as candidates for the 2013 Executive Board election:

1. USCF ID 10183481  Michael Atkins
2. USCF ID 10320372  Randy Bauer
3. USCF ID 10383242  Ruth Inez Haring
4. USCF ID 12537449  Beatriz Marinello
5. USCF ID 10346061  Timothy P. Redman
6. USCF ID 12474516  Charles D. Unruh

The Election Committee also named Harry Sabine as Chief Teller for the 2013 Executive Board election.

Register to vote by March 31. Also remember you must be a member for the full day on May 5.Sign up and find more information on the registration process at