The Scoop on the National Chess Congress
November 29, 2012
The 2012 National Chess Congress in Philadelphia (November 23-25), held over Thanksgiving weekend had a very strong field, attracting ten Grandmasters--GMs Aleksander Lenderman and Sergey Erenburg tied for first. The US Chess Scoop talked to Lenderman (winner on tiebreak), IM Krush, GM Magesh Panchanathan & Under 2400 winner Jared Defibaugh.

Pictured in the video is also 16-year-old Jessica Regam, clear winner of the Under 2200 section with 5.5/6, good for $2000. Her favorite game of the event:


Regamslide.jpgJessica told CLO she was confident of victory once she reached the endgame but, "it took me some time to figure out the maneuver with my knight to c5." Jessica is a tenth grader at Blue Bell : "My short term goal is to reach 2200 (according to MSA, Jessica is 2161 after the Congress )." On the theme of chess and the holiday she said, "I'm thankful for parents who sacrifice a lot to support me and my chess endeavors."

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