Chirila Wins UTD Invitational
November 24, 2012
all of the team members with UTD Coach Rade Milovanovic and GM Onischuk at the beginning of the event

GM Cristian Chirila took clear first at the University of Texas at Dallas Invitational (November 16-20, 2012) with a 7-2 score and a performance rating of 2676 – see all results here. Scroll down to see the soccer scoring (3-0-1) results.

The final ninth round win by Chirilia over GM Holt secured him first place in the tournament:


Director Jim Stallings congratulating GM Chirila on his tournament win 
The 21-year-old junior is majoring in International Political Economy.

GM Alexander Onischuk, winner of the 2011 event with a 7-2 score, was again undefeated. However, the Texas Tech coach was nicked for five draws on the way to a 5.5-2.5 score, as the UTD team members put up greater resistance.

FM Getz could have made an IM norm if he had defeated GM Sadorra in the last round.  As fellow teammate Sadorra said wryly with a smile at the closing dinner after winning the game, “He has to earn it.”

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