Check Out the New
November 20, 2012
USCFSalesScreenshot.jpgBelow is a small sampling of what you can expect at the new

* USCF Sales has introduced DOZENS of New Chess Products!
 From Books to Chess Sets, from Houdini 3 to the latest Chess King Training DVDs, you'll find dozens of new products available for the first time at USCF Sales.

* USCF Sales now offers Media Mail Shipping
With Media Mail, books, software and/or DVDs can be shipped anywhere across the United States for as little as $4.00.

* USCF Sales now offers real-time purchasing of e-Books.
The new USCF Sales website allows you to immediately download your e-Books purchases. In addition, your e-Books will remain permanently listed in your account, so you can download them again in the future if you wish.

* USCF Sales uses Real-Time Inventory Control.
You can rest assured that if the USCF Sales Website says that an item is IN STOCK, that it truly is IN STOCK and ready to ship! In addition, those products that happen to be out of stock are clearly marked in the search/category page, allowing you to quickly identify what is and isn't available at any time.

* USCF Sales offers state-of-the-art search and layered navigation to quickly find what you're looking for.
Looking for an Opening book that was published this year that costs between $10.00 and $15.00? At the new USCFSales, simply define the parameters of the item you are interested and our website will show you all applicable products.

* USCF Sales offers Real-Time displays of our Best-Selling items
Wondering what our best selling Chess book is? Wonder no more, as our new Website will show you! This lists will be updated weekly, so you'll always see what new and hot at USCFSales. There are countless improvements to our website, so we invite you take a look today at