Kaidanov & Vojinovic Top King's Island Open
By Steve Immitt   
November 14, 2012
march2012.jpgGM Gregory Kaidanov won the 2011 Kings Island Open with a perfect 5-0 score.  This year he tied for first with IM Goran Vojinovic after drawing their last round.  Both won an equal prize of $2,009 by finishing 4½-½, but Vojinovic squeaked by with an extra one half tiebreak point to win the additional $179 first place bonus prize. 

Here are the victors' key round four victories, Kaidanov over GM Nikola Mitkov, and Vojinovic over FM Seth Homa.



Martin-Majidi was submitted by a player in the Under 1700 as a good game. Even non-GMs can have fun mounting a powerful attack against a weakened Kingside!


Three players tied for 3rd-5th with 4 points: GM Nikola Mitkov, junior powerhouse Kevin Mo (they each won $625), while Okechjukwa Iwu won he the $1,429 Under 2300 prize. Find full standings on the website, http://www.kingsislandopen.com/and on USCF's MSA page for the tournament.