Record Team Set to Compete in Maribor
By Phillip R Smith   
November 5, 2012
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5 November 2012 Contact: Jerry Nash
USCF Director of Special Projects
Press Release #55 of 2012



Record Team Set to Compete in Maribor



(Crossville, TN) (CROSSVILLE, TN) A record 89 players from across the United States leave shortly to compete in the 2012 World Youth Chess Championships in Maribor, Slovenia from November 8 – 19. The US delegation includes over 200 persons including players, coaches, and family members. Head of Delegation, Michael Khodarkovsky, and twelve other coaches will prepare the players throughout the eleven round event. The first round of the tournament begins at 3 PM (local time) on November 8th. 1587 players are currently registered for the tournament. Details concerning the 2012 World Youth are located at the organizers website:

Coaches for the 2012 World Youth include Michael Khodarkovsky, Aviv Friedman, Armen Ambartsoumian, Andranik Matikozyan, Sam Palatnik, Joel Benjamin, John Fedorowicz, Nick de Firmian, Genadi Zaitchiki, Alejandro Ramirez, Ben Finegold, Jan van de Mortel, and John Bartholomew.

The US team at the 2012 World Youth:

Girls Under 8

  • Jessica Rattray NY
  • Carol Chen NY
  • Sara Lin TX
  • Zhiyi Wang CA
  • Sadie Edelman CT
  • Aasa Dommalapati VA
  • Iris Zhou MO

Girls Under 10

  • Annie Wang CA
  • Emily Nguyen TX
  • Ramitha Ravishankar NJ
  • Naomi Bashkansky WA
  • Akshita Gorti VA
  • Jennifer Yu VA
  • Camille Kao TX
  • Carissa Yip MA
  • Joanna Liu CA
  • Meghana Bhanuprasad OH
  • Alara Balasaygun PA

Girls Under 12

  • Maggie Feng OH
  • atherine Davis NY
  • Anupama Rajendra WI
  • Ashritha Eswaran CA
  • Priya Trakru TX
  • Clarissa Abella TX

Girls Under 14

  • Apurva Virkud MI
  • Agata Bykovtsev CA
  • Rachel Gologorsky FL
  • Kristen Sarna TX
  • Annie Zhao TX
  • Kimberly Ding NJ
  • Stephanie Shao CA

Girls Under 16

  • Sarah Chiang TX
  • Jessica Regam PA
  • Becca Lampman WA
  • Lilia Poteat NY

Girls Under 18

  • Anna Matlin NJ

Open Under 8

  • Christopher Shen OH
  • Tan Nguyen VA
  • Maiti Milind CA
  • Balaji Daggupati CA
  • Cole Frutos TX
  • Atreya Vaidya TX
  • Ethan Tang AZ
  • Anthony He WA
  • Aydin Turgut IL
  • Ben Rood CA
  • Eric Wang TX
  • Harry Wang TX
  • Logan Wu TN
  • Anish Vivekananthan TX
  • Joaquin Perkins CA
  • Kelvin Jiang CA
  • Daniel Levkov NY
  • Kevin Chor AZ

Open Under 10

  • Praveen Balakrishnan NJ
  • Awonder Liang WI
  • Trung Nguyen VA
  • Rayan Taghizadeh CA
  • Andrew Titus MN
  • Marcus Miyasaka NY
  • Aravind Kumar NJ

Open Under 12

  • Tommy He TX
  • Jeffery Xiong TX
  • Samuel Sevian CA
  • Jonathan Chiang TX
  • Craig Hilby CA
  • Kadhir Pillai NY
  • Amir Moazami NY
  • Siddarth Banik CA
  • Ethan Li AZ
  • Nicolas Checa NY
  • Alexander Crump NY
  • Kevin Moy CA
  • Joshua Sheng CA
  • John Ludwig FL
  • Vignesh Panchanatham CA
  • Cameron Wheeler CA
  • Bryce Tiglon WA
  • Roland Feng WA

Open Under 14

  • Christopher Gu RI
  • Kayden Troff UT
  • Kapil Chandran CT
  • Christopher Wu NJ
  • Justus Williams NY
  • Safal Bora MI

Open Under 16

  • Michael Brown CA
  • Sean Vibbert IN

Open Under 18

  • Robert Perez FL
  • William Fisher NY


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