Happy National Chess Day!
October 13, 2012
slideUSCFflag.jpgHappy National Chess Day to all USCF members! Let us know what you're up via facebook , twitter or send an email to the editor at [email protected] for possible inclusion in a future CLO wrap-up. 

Some of our facebook fans already shared their plans. Tim Brennan of the Tactics Times blog said, "I sent out a special National Chess Day e-mail Newsletter. Other members said they were playing, watching chess games online and buying chess merchandise (don't forget about the special National Chess Day USCF Sales 15% discount!)

 Brooklyn Castle (a feature length documentary in theaters October 19th) posted a flyer urging fans to "get your geek on" and celebrate National Chess Day. The Brooklyn Castle team will fill CLO readers in on a special screening at the Cleveland Public Library.

Others watched Magnus Carlsen win a playoff against Italian-American GM Fabiano Caruana to capture 1st at the Sao Paulo/Bilbao Chess Masters Final. Find details on the official site and see GM Ian Rogers' excellent CLO report on blunders and computer analysis from the first half.